Track: Every Other Freckle
Artist: Alt-j (∆)
Album: This Is All Yours
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Alt-j (∆) Every Other Freckle

Official Audio

So excited for the album


Sleepy Head by Les Piccolo [flickr] [h/t: wonderous-world]

I’m so so so fucking obsessed with dark lipsticks right now. Especially reds. I’m tryna cop some lime crime in wicked. Anyone with recommendations, fill me in!!!


i googled basically “why isnt there something like grindr but for ladies” and the answer was “there have been but they all fail because men kept infiltrating them and being disgusting and predatory” amazing why didnt i figure that out on my own


Truman after his first bath & haircut

Track: I'll Be There
Artist: The Jackson 5
Album: Third Album
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Jackson 5 - “I’ll Be There” - Third Album [1970]

This has been on repeat for a week


Claude Monet’s home, Giverny


The thing about this is that sculptures like these in art history were for the male gaze. Photoshop a phone to it and suddenly she’s seen as vain and conceited. That’s why I’m 100% for selfie culture because apparently men can gawk at women but when we realize how beautiful we are we’re suddenly full of ourselves…

They said they love me, and I asked, how much? So much, they said. And I knew it wasn’t enough.